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January 25, 2013

Some Customer Insights on Improving eDiscovery Process Efficiency in the Cloud

In light of next week’s Legal Tech 2013 event in New York (stop by and see Proofpoint at booth 2607), we wanted to recap some of the really terrific insights from our recent web seminar on eDiscovery process efficiency.

In that webinar (see, "Improving eDiscovery Efficiency in a Cloud-based World"), our special guest speaker,  Jonathan Rudolph, attorney for medical device manufacturer C. R. Bard,  raised some very interesting points that might be useful for those heading to Legal Tech next week.

Jonathan was a key part of the team that selected and deployed Proofpoint Enterprise Archive at C. R. Bard and has a unique role in that he serves as both the eDiscovery manager within the IT organization, as well as an attorney within the legal department for this global manufacturer and marketer of medical products, based in New Jersey.

His role as IT-legal liason makes him uniquely qualified to discuss the challenges faced by organizations attempting to improve discovery processes, as well as offer best practices to get past common obstacles. Some of the key points he highlighted:

  • eDiscovery remains a matter of perspective, with organizations struggling without a common vocabulary and shared priorities. This gap is made more challenging by the fact that it limits the ability to create a shared view of the problem, which then contributes to a set of common priorities across IT and legal teams. Judges, however, remain above the internal fray and bring unpredictable knowledge (and comfort) of how, when, and where technology and eDiscovery processes intersect.
  • For some, today’s processes for identifying and collecting email for discovery can be like a rat maze. He notes that some archiving solutions even return different sets of search results for the same query at different times, leading to completely unpredictable (and clearly incomplete) discovery results. This type of problem not only consumes IT resources, but entails significant organizational risk and can result in multi-million dollar costs to have outside counsel filter through "junk" results.  There are no shortage of recent court rulings that highlight the potential impact (e.g., Samsung v. Apple, Hynix v. Rambus) and costs of "discovery gone wrong."
  • Many organizations cannot “break the monkey machine”. In his remarks, Jonathan refers to unbending organizational processes as "the monkey machine." The monkey machine has always done things a specific way, and has embedded that into the company's organizational culture and fabric. To "break the monkey machine," Jonthan argues that it's imperative to involve both the legal and IT departments  from the outset, and that it's helpful to have an individual who can “speak both languages.” Further, it's critical to be able to quantify savings delivered by any technology-enabled eDiscovery process improvement.
  • The goal of defensibility is a myth:  Defensibility as a goal often leads to reactivity – which provides a poor starting point and places the burden of persuasion with you, not your adversary. Companies are better served in moving toward a position of justifiability in order to better dictate the rules of the game.
  • Security in the cloud is an internal obstacle – that can be overcome. It is inevitable that IT will continue to look for opportunities to cut costs by moving to the cloud. Legal teams - who are often reluctant to embrace cloud-based approaches to eDiscovery - can be persuaded by showing them the advantages of strong service level agreements (SLAs) and security features (such as Proofpoint’s DoubleBlind Key Architecture) which leave data access and control decisions in the hands of legal decision makers – not cloud service administrators.

Using Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, Jonathan and the team at C. R. Bard have already realized the benefits of automating critical, early-stage discovery tasks. After using the system for 4 large matters, he is happy to report that the solution delivers as advertised and has already proven its ability to provide cost reduction and enable greater process efficiency.

To hear all of Jonathan's insights, watch the replay of "Improving eDiscovery Efficiency in a Cloud-based World."

And if you're in NY for Legal Tech next week, please stop by and meet us at booth 2607!

December 12, 2012

Aon Corporation Video Case Study: Simplifying Archiving and eDiscovery in the Cloud with Proofpoint

We had the chance recently to speak with Rob Franch, Senior Director for Unified Collaboration & Communications at Aon Corporation about his company's use of the Proofpoint Enterprise Archive cloud-based archiving solution. Aon Corporation is a Fortune 500 provider of risk, reinsurance and human resources services.

In this video case study, Rob discusses the business issues that led Aon to standardize on Proofpoint Enterprise Archive to email and other information produced by more than 60,000 employees across 120 countries worldwide. The deployment of Proofpoint was part of Aon's transition from Lotus Notes to hosted Microsoft Exchange and, in the process, Rob and his team greatly streamlined Aon's archiving infrastructure — replacing a variety of legacy systems including IBM Common Store and Symantec Enterprise Vault.

In addition to describing how Aon solved its archiving and eDiscovery challenges, Rob also discusses regulatory compliance, supervision, the partnership between Proofpoint and Microsoft, and his enterprise's ongoing relationship with Proofpoint.

My thanks, once again, to Rob for taking the time to share his story with us and to Aon Corporation for allowing us to share it with you!


August 06, 2012

Live this Week! Security Best Practices for Financial Services Organizations

In the financial services industry, maintaining control over private data is crucial to both your customers and your organization's reputation. As the security landscape continues to change, companies need to be prepared to protect their most sensitive business data with the most advanced approaches available today.

To ensure financial industry enterprises are aware of these leading technologies, our next live web seminar, this Wednesday, will focus on best practices for creating the right policies for data privacy and encryption. As new technologies are created that help make encryption efforts easier — and as widely publicized breaches of private data continue to come to light — more financial enterprises are considering these features.  

Our resident data privacy expert, Ken Liao, will discuss how Proofpoint’s financial industry customers use Proofpoint solutions to comply with existing and emerging regulations and ensure the highest standards of security for their companies. Please join us on August 8th 11 AM PST (2 PM EST).

To register, visit the link above or simply complete the form below. As always, a link to a replay of the webinar will be sent to all registered attendees shortly after the live event.


July 13, 2012

Healthcare Security: Webinar on Best Practices and Critical Steps to Protect Sensitive Data

Our live web seminar series continues on Wednesday, July 25th at 11 a.m. PT, 2 p.m. ET with a case study presentation about how one of our BlueCross BlueShield customers has tacked their email security, encryption and healthcare privacy issues. Resident data loss prevention and email encryption expert, Ken Liao, presents.

There are numerous solutions that can be used to encrypt email messages and other important data, however, without a robust policy-based encryption strategy, organizations are highly vulnerable to the leakage of sensitive data.

In, BlueCross BlueShield Case Study: Best Practices and Critical Steps to Protect and Secure Sensitive Data , you will learn firsthand how and why a leading BlueCross BlueShield uses Proofpoint solutions including our next-generation, policy-based encryption solution to protect private healthcare information in email.

Ken will also explain how Proofpoint technology ensures message privacy, enforces internal policies, and helps healthcare organizations comply with HIPAA/HITECH and other data protection and privacy regulations.

To register, visit the link above or simply complete the form below. As always, a link to a replay of the webinar will be sent to all registered attendees shortly after the live event.


December 08, 2011

New Customer Videos: Leaders in Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail and More Describe Why they Use Proofpoint

At our recent "Proofpoint Inner Circle" customer events, we had a great opportunity to interview several of our enterprise customers about how and why they use Proofpoint Enterprise solutions for email security, data loss prevention, email encryption, regulatory compliance, archiving and electronic discovery.

I've collected several of them in this YouTube playlist. In these videos, representatives from Amalgamated, Liberty Health, PETCO, Graubard Miller, MED3000, Zions Bank and Scottsdale Healthcare share some of the reasons they rely on Proofpoint.

Thanks again to all of our terrific customers who took the time to share their stories with us... And you can find a lot more Proofpoint video content in our YouTube channel at

August 04, 2011

Increased Security Threats, Data Loss Risks Driving Upgrade Cycle from Legacy Products to Proofpoint: 8 Years of Record Proofpoint Revenues

Proofpoint-Logo-100x23Many thanks to our partners, fans, friends and customers for helping Proofpoint reach an amazing milestone announced today: Our 32nd sequential quarter - yes, eight straight years - of record Proofpoint revenue.

The dynamics driving Proofpoint's growth in Q2 2011 were similar to those we've seen in recent quarters: A renewed focus in the enterprise on security and threat management,  an increasing number of competitive displacements and a growing interest in cloud-based deployments are playing a huge role.

Quoted in today's press release, our CEO, Gary Steele remarked, “Recent high-profile attacks and data breaches such as those that have struck RSA, Epsilon, U.S. National Laboratories and the International Monetary Fund, among others, have prompted organizations in every industry to re-evaluate their current solutions with an eye toward increasing effectiveness, better securing private data and improving  compliance with regulations. Our solutions meet all of those requirements, which is why – in head-to-head evaluations against competitors – Proofpoint wins nearly 100 percent of the time.”

The full press release describes some of the important large enterprise deals Proofpoint won during Q2 across our key vertical markets including financial services, retail, energy, healthcare and other industries.

Proofpoint added more than one million mailboxes under protection, as those customers replaced solutions from Proofpoint competitors including McAfee (solutions such as CipherTrust, IronMail, McAfee Email Gateway), Google (Postini) and Cisco (IronPort) with Proofpoint’s email security, data loss prevention, email encryption and email archiving solutions.

If your organization is looking for better protection against today's email-related threats, one way to learn more about Proofpoint's solutions is to register for one of our upcoming live demonstrations. Current users of McAfee solutions might be especially interest in downloading our Comparison Guide: Proofpoint Enterprise Vs. McAfee Email Gateway, which you can also access immediately by simply completing the form below:


July 25, 2011

Video: Email Archiving and eDiscovery for Legal, Steven Heller of Graubard Miller

Earlier this year our friend Steven Heller, director of IT for New York-based law firm Graubard Miller, kindly sat down with me to explain how his organization uses our hosted email archiving solution, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive, to reduce the size of their Microsoft Exchange email store, simplify (and speed up) electronic discovery and save time and money in the process.

Steven and his firm have been using Proofpoint's email archiving service for several years now (first purchasing the product when it was known as Fortiva, before that company's acquisition by Proofpoint) and he continues to be a very vocal supporter.

In this short video, Steven talks about the issues the firm had with email retention prior to Proofpoint and explains what he likes about Proofpoint's solution:

Steven will be presenting "How to Save Hundreds of Thousands on eDiscovery," an educationalcase study on email archiving and eDiscovery at the MIS Training Institute's upcoming IT Governance, Risk and Compliance event (co-located with Audit World 2011) at the Hilton Boston Back Bay on September 20, 2011.

He'll also be presenting a similar case study at Computerworld's Fall Storage Networking World 2011 event (October 10-13, 2011 in Orlando, Florida). If you're attending either event, make a point of attending his sessions - he's a great presenter and very knowledgeable about these topics.

We also recently published a short PDF case study on Graubard Miller that you can find here:
Proofpoint case study, Graubard Miller.

Thanks again, Steve, for taking the time to chat with us and for your ongoing support!

July 21, 2011

Clayton Homes Strengthens Email Security for its Mobile Workforce

Data-Loss-PreventionIn a special mobile security edition of SC Magazine, Clayton Homes demonstrates how they are leveraging Proofpoint to increase email security.

Clayton Homes, established in 1934 and acquired by Warren Buffet in 2003, is the largest manufacturer of mobile, modular, and manufactured houses in the United States.  In order to keep in touch with its customers at all times, Clayton Homes encourages its employees to use consumerized IT devices to send and receive emails.  These email messages often contain sensitive data such as financial, manufacturing, and proprietary designs that could lead to a loss of customer confidence and regulatory compliance fines if stolen or lost.

After evaluating several solutions, Clayton Homes chose Proofpoint Enterprise Protection (SaaS email security) and Enterprise Privacy (data loss prevention and email encryption) to help manage the substantial security and compliance risks posed by mobile email. 

Jodie Swafford, information security manager at Clayton Homes, noted, “We looked for one that was cost effective and could provide us with strong security and compliance across multiple mobile platforms as well as offer control, flexibility and scalability.”

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection helps to prevent spam, viruses, malware, and phishing for inbound and outbound email while Enterprise Privacy defends against leaks of confidential information and ensures compliance with common international, industry and US data protection regulations.

Swafford outlined how easy it was to start protecting sensitive data, “With Proofpoint, we were able to use out-of-the-box rule sets, tweak them slightly as needed, and even create custom rules for different business units.  Once rule sets were defined, we really only need to turn Proofpoint on.  It immediately began governing all email communications at the rate of thousands per day.”

As with many of our customer cases, Proofpoint’s products can help reduce overall costs by lowering time spent on IT administration, saving employees from time spent sorting spam and preventing data breaches and regulatory fines.

Click here to read the full case study (reprinted from SC Magazine) and as all always, you can check out our Learning Center for more.

July 14, 2011

Don't Miss Our Compliance for Office 365 Webinar with Special Guest Mike Blake, CIO of Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Mike-Blake-Hyatt-Hotels-Corporation-200x267Proofpoint's live web seminar series continues next week with a brand new topic, Microsoft Office 365: Meeting Encryption, Privacy and Compliance Requirements, presented at two times (7 AM PT/10 AM ET and again at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET) on Wednesday, July 20th, 2011.

Pictured at left is special guest Mike Blake, CIO of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, who will be joining us to share how his organization is using Proofpoint to ensure that their Microsoft Office 365 deployment meets a variety of compliance requirements.

This is a rare opportunity to hear first hand about how one of the world's leading organizations is leveraging the cloud to achieve its security and compliance objectives.

If your organization is moving - or thinking about moving - to Microsoft's next-generation hosted email environment, you are not going to want to miss this one!

Come and learn about the compliance and security features built into Office 365 and how those match today's enterprise data protection and privacy requirements. You'll also learn about our newest solution, Proofpoint Compliance for Office 365, and how it enhances Office 365's encryption, data loss prevention, archiving and security capabilities.

As always, registered attendees will receive a link to a replay of the webinar and we'll answer your questions live, during a Q&A session. Follow the link below to register:

 Register for Microsoft Office 365: Meeting Encryption, Privacy and Compliance Requirements »

June 28, 2011

Email Security Case Study: Why Grand Valley State University Switched to Proofpoint Enterprise Protection

Appliance-email-security-case-study We recently published an updated case study on Grand Valley State University's use of Proofpoint Enterprise Protection for anti-spam, anti-malware and email policy enforcement. The university switched to Proofpoint from McAfee's IronMail solution (originally developed by Ciphertrust). Grand Valley State University is a four-year public university with more than 23,000 students and 4,000 faculty members.   

The university originally deployed McAfee’s IronMail solution to combat the plethora of spam messages being sent to its 20,000 mailboxes but did not find the effectiveness and flexibility it was looking for.  Many legitimate messages were misidentified as spam and some malicious emails were getting through to end users causing IT administrators to waste time sorting email.

Email administrator Tom Norman, noted, “We needed to find a new product that would excel at correctly identifying spam and viruses and reduce the amount of time IT staff spent on email administration. We were also looking for a vendor to provide a superior level of customer service and support.”

Grand Valley State University turned to Proofpoint’s Enterprise Protection deployed as appliances to meet its requirements.  Proofpoint’s appliance deployment model is easy to integrate with any SMTP mail server, features real-time reporting tools and an intuitive interface. 

With its 99%+ spam detection rate, Proofpoint's high performance email security solution provided much needed relief for Tom Norman and his team. Norman says, “Proofpoint has just been a godsend to me because I’m now viewed as the ‘good guy’ for finally fixing our problem with spam and viruses.”

Read the full case study (PDF format) on Grand valley State University and visit our Learning Center for more case studies.


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