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January 23, 2013

Proofpoint Winter 2013 Release Introduces Proofpoint Secure Share: Secure, Managed File Transfer for the Enterprise

In a press release issued today, Proofpoint announced its Winter 2013 release, which includes updates to our entire suite of cloud-based enterprise security and compliance solutions. One of the highlights of the latest release is a new cloud solution for securely transferring large or sensitive files, Proofpoint Secure Share.

Proofpoint Secure Share provides enhanced security and administrative control over traditional file transfer methods, existing on-premises solutions, and public cloud file sharing services. It leverages the advanced data loss prevention features of Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy to automatically enforce DLP rules such as blocking or encrypting sensitive content.

For a quick overview of the capabilities of Proofpoint Secure Share, including the end-user experience, administrative interface and data loss prevention features, check out this brief video demonstration:

In addition to the new secure file transfer capabilities, the Winter 2013 release includes enhancements across our cloud-based threat protection (Proofpoint Enterprise Protection, Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection), archiving (Proofpoint Enterprise Archive), and governance (Proofpoint Enterprise Archive Content Collection option) solutions.

In our next live web seminar, File Sharing: Getting Data Control Without Frustrating Your Enterprise Users, we'll be taking a closer look at Proofpoint Secure Share and the issues involved in enabling business users to share large files in an easy, secure and compliant way.


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