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December 12, 2012

Aon Corporation Video Case Study: Simplifying Archiving and eDiscovery in the Cloud with Proofpoint

We had the chance recently to speak with Rob Franch, Senior Director for Unified Collaboration & Communications at Aon Corporation about his company's use of the Proofpoint Enterprise Archive cloud-based archiving solution. Aon Corporation is a Fortune 500 provider of risk, reinsurance and human resources services.

In this video case study, Rob discusses the business issues that led Aon to standardize on Proofpoint Enterprise Archive to email and other information produced by more than 60,000 employees across 120 countries worldwide. The deployment of Proofpoint was part of Aon's transition from Lotus Notes to hosted Microsoft Exchange and, in the process, Rob and his team greatly streamlined Aon's archiving infrastructure — replacing a variety of legacy systems including IBM Common Store and Symantec Enterprise Vault.

In addition to describing how Aon solved its archiving and eDiscovery challenges, Rob also discusses regulatory compliance, supervision, the partnership between Proofpoint and Microsoft, and his enterprise's ongoing relationship with Proofpoint.

My thanks, once again, to Rob for taking the time to share his story with us and to Aon Corporation for allowing us to share it with you!



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