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February 28, 2012

News from RSA 2012: Proofpoint Integration with Box, New Data Protection and Governance Capabilities

As we enter day two of the 2012 RSA Conference, Proofpoint issued a press release this morning (see, "Proofpoint Extends Data Protection and Information Governance Solutions to Address Cloud-Based File Sharing, Collaboration and Social Media") announcing new capabilities for Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy and Proofpoint Enterprise Governance, based on integration with popular cloud content management solution, Box.

According to the release, the integration between Proofpoint Enterprise solutions and Box will offer "enhanced security, compliance and control over documents shared via Box."

The integration is part of Proofpoint's ongoing strategy to help organizations better monitor and control the flow of information across all major data stores and communication channels, including cloud-based file sharing, collaboration and social media services. Read the full release here.

If you're at RSA, do make a point of coming by Proofpoint's booth (#850) in the Moscone Center exhibit hall where the team will be demonstrating some of the new capabilities. And while you're there, take our short survey and snag one of our cool "Email Me Your Credit Card" or "Open the Attachment" tees.




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