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February 29, 2012

Thanks for Making Us "Best Email Content Management" in 2012 SC Magazine US Awards!


We're excited to announce that our email security and data loss prevention solutions, Proofpoint Enterprise Protection and Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy, were awarded SC Magazine's prestigious Reader Trust Award for "Best Email Content Management, 2012," presented at an award ceremony held in conjunction with the 2012 RSA Conference.

Winners were chosen by voters who are SC Magazine readers and work as high-level IT security executives (CISOs, CIOs, VPs, etc.) for organizations across various markets, including finance, health care, government, education and other industries.

"Our readers are on the front lines of information security, and they have recognized Proofpoint Enterprise Protection and Privacy as one of their key tools for securing their organizations," said Illena Armstrong, vice president and editorial director, SC Magazine. "Without leaders in innovation, such as Proofpoint, we would not be able to plan for the future of enterprise security." 

The "Best Email Content Management" category honors enterprise solutions that are not simply anti-spam filters but offer enhanced features such as bi-directional filtering, centralized management, and/or filtering of unauthorized content (i.e.,  "extrusion protection" or data loss prevention features).

Thanks to SC Magazine and its readers for honoring Proofpoint with this award!

You can learn more about Proofpoint Enterprise Protection and Privacy at Learn more about this award by reading our complete press release, "Proofpoint Winner of 2012 SC Magazine Reader Trust Award."

To see all of the 2012 winners, visit the following link:

2012 SC Magazine Awards Winners 


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